For several decades now, researchers all over the world have asserted that what goes on in the mind affects the body. Negative thoughts and a negative attitude lead to our feeling low: our heads fall, our shoulders sag, and our breathing becomes shallow. In fact, it has been conclusively proved that the negative mind triggers off a whole chain of physio-biological reactions, which are designed to make us feel this way.

On the other hand, positive thoughts and positive attitudes make us feel good: our heads are held up, we tend to look up, stand taller, breathe deeper, and fuller.

So you see, the body is directly affected by our mental state. But, consider this: recent research reveals that the body also has the capability of affecting the mind. The way you carry yourself, the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you project your physical self, affects your attitude and mind to a fairly large extent. If you always stand straight, with your chest held out, and breathe deeply, chances are that you will be projecting a positive outlook. On the other hand, if your shoulders are dropped, and you have a crouched back, you are probably passing through a rather dull phase.

An interesting and potentially very powerful corollary of this is that we can control our emotions through our bodily actions and postures. Hence, if we want to feel good or positive all we have to do is change our body posture. Though it may vary only slightly from person to person, the overall constituents of a positive frame of mind are more or less the same: Head high, shoulders pulled back, Deep Breathing, Chest Held Out, and of course the all-important SMILE. As Anthony Robbins puts it, Motion creates Emotion. The way we move changes, the way we think, feel, and behave. The slightest movement of a facial muscle to a rigorous workout can affect our emotions.

Even the simple act of smiling can make an enormous difference to your state. Extensive research in this area proves that the act of smiling sets of a biological reaction that affects all parts of the body. It stimulates the heart and the lungs. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. The body’s excretory organs function more smoothly clearing the body of harmful toxins. Imagine such a simple act of having such far-reaching consequences, In fact, many doctors are of the opinion that fifteen minutes of lighter laughter on a daily basis, can increase your life span by about 5-10 years.

The point is that nothing happens by chance. We have all been created in a very scientific manner. Every gesture, every moment in the body has some purpose some cause us to feel miserable, doubt our abilities, and curse our luck, while others make us feel good, optimistic, and positive about life. We have got to choose the ones we desire.

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