Welcome. “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.” Golda Meir

Sounds Good. But how can I actually learn to trust myself, bringing mind/body confidence and happiness into my life? How do I handle those everyday fears and the negative self-talk about how I look and feel that are holding me back? How can I actually change and breakthrough to real emotional freedom? We invite you to visit the resource below to discover a new way to build calm inner confidence and achieve your personal weight management goals in a way that is right for you. What you will learn is something that can actually be applied to every single aspect of your life.

Sustainable Weight Loss. bodyconfidencesecrets.HelpForStress.net

Why Is This Different? Because it walks the talk. It goes beyond general advice, dieting, workouts plans, etc. It factors in YOU — the amazing, loving, creative, unique and inspiring woman that you are! It gives you the tools to actually rewire your brain and body to change your entire experience around weight management and body confidence. It puts you on a path of sustainable and long-lasting results.

Love And Appreciate Yourself. Our bodies are critical for living the lives we want. Don’t settle for a body and a life that is less than what you really want and deserve. It’s time to make that change. After all, if not now, then when? When you’re less busy? Or less stressed? Or more motivated? If that’s the case, you may be waiting a while. Life is busy, and there is no perfect time. Do this for you. Do it now. Don’t settle.


JJ Virgin , Author of The Virgin Diet
“Lasting fat loss requires more than the right foods and exercise. Jessica Ortner provides a simple, effective strategy to curb hunger and cravings. Tapping is easily accessible and works instantly for fat loss, improving self-image, and becoming your very best self.”

Donna Gates , Author of Baby Boomer Diet
“Jessica Ortner not only gently teaches tools to change lives now, she also inspires us to embrace our uniqueness and to love ourselves completely. If only every teenage girl in America could be taught this type of self-love and body confidence…”

Go Within or Go Without. Real change and confidence come from within. We help you realize how to quickly and painlessly shift your emotions and create powerful leverage to get the life you want and deserve.

For example, how to manage stress and burnout on family and relationships coming from long stays at home and remote school learning we are currently experiencing.

Just a few of the many other areas to which this new process applies include chronic pain, anxiety and panic, fears and phobias, chronic fatigue and exhaustion, trauma and PTSD, snoring and sleep problems, addictions, problems at work, sexual health and intimacy, emotional and sexual abuse, helping children, pregnancy and postpartum, body confidence, self-esteem, success and peak performance in sports and business.

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